Taking Chiquito Mexican food on the road

Chiquito is the UK’s favourite Tex-Mex restaurant, brought to you by The Restaurant Group. It’s the UK’s largest Tex-Mex chain, with 87 restaurants and 100,000 guests each week.

They have recently evolved their brand, with a new street food inspired restaurant menu, a new take away service and the Chiqui Street Food Truck.

To launch these new services and products, Chiquito and their PR agency Essence Communications, were taking to the road in their customised vintage Citroen H van that would tour the UK promoting the favourite dishes from the new menu.

We worked closely with Towability (van customisation team), to create a stand out design for the Chiqui Street Food Truck. Along with the truck, a series of take away packaging was also designed to launch their new Deliveroo service. One box being a bespoke design, which carries all the elements of the fajita dish separately. And for their restaurants, we created labels for their new Mexican Blonde beer and trio of sauces.

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“A real pleasure to work with and create something we are really proud of”
Emma H, Chiquito Marketing Manager
take away Kraft box packaging and stickers
Bespoke fajita take away box
chiquito restaurant trio of sauce bottles
chiquito Mexican blonde golden beer