Sustainability Policy

Designing with sustainability in mind, for a better planet

We are aware that the creative and events industry can be guilty of waste production. Graphite is aiming to operate with the least amount of environmental impact as possible. As a company, we are actively working towards creating and meeting sustainable goals. We expect all staff and contractors to uphold this policy, and encourage them to align with these best practices.

We aim to:
  • Host our website on servers which have 100% renewable energy credentials.
  • Recommend 100% renewable energy hosting to our clients, where applicable.
  • Work with suppliers who operate their own sustainability policy.
  • Use electronic instead of paper communication wherever possible.
  • Recycle as much as possible, inside and outside the workplace. Including event signage, printed items and Foamex materials. Plus computers, ink cartridges, glass, plastic, metal, paper and card.
  • Use FSC accredited paper stocks and sustainable materials for all print items.
  • Use digital platforms and in-house tech avoid excessive waste paper items, where available.
  • Ensure compostable / recyclable materials are used for all packaging design.
  • Use local printers in order to support the local economy and reduce emissions.
  • Only use plastic or laminate for the longevity of the printed item. These coatings are non-recyclable and result in landfill.
  • Use inks and coatings that have low or no VOC emissions. These help minimise air pollution.
  • To stay up to date with new and sustainable materials as they become available.
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Policy updated: 8 February 2021